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Have you dreamed about owning an American Mustang but are unsure how to start? Our mission at Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group is to foster, train, and rehome American Mustangs to suitable adopters. Whether you have been searching for “Mustang Rescue Colorado” for some time or are just beginning your search for the perfect horse, we are here to help! With close to 80,000 wild Mustangs on BLM (Bureau of Land Management), we help place over-populated horses in loving forever homes with their new owners. Keep reading to learn more about why you should choose us to adopt your horse. 

Top three reasons why you should choose Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group when searching for “Mustang Rescue Colorado”

  1. We train the horses for you 

Many of the Mustangs we receive from BLM have never been handled before. Using natural horsemanship techniques, we train all the horses that come to us to develop a partnership with humans. Each horse starts with basic haltering, picking up feet, and trailering, followed by groundwork, under saddle training, and showing. This process typically takes two to four months or even a year before they become available for adoption. 

  1. Our head trainer has more than ten years of experience 

We believe that wild Mustangs are beautiful yet trainable animals depending on their care. With more than ten years of experience training wild Mustangs, our head trainer, Cayla Stone, is one of the best Mustang trainers in the business. With over 50 Mustangs trained, you can rest assured that you are in good hands if you decide to apply to adopt one of our Mustangs. Cayla focuses on under saddle training to make the horses even more ready for their forever homes once adopted. 

  1. We make sure all horses are in excellent health before adoption 

In addition to all the training our horses receive, we also want to ensure each horse is in good health before adopting them. We provide veterinary, chiropractic, nutrition, and more to all the horses that come to our facility. When you adopt from us, we want our horses to live their best and healthy lives even before they go home with you. This ensures that you get the best horse possible, too!

If you are interested in impacting these horses’ lives, consider adopting from our Mustang rescue Colorado-based organization. To adopt, you will need to read our adoption policy located here, followed by filling out an adoption application. All completed applications can be emailed to ruth@wildrosemagic.org. We can’t wait to see these horses go to the right home! 

Are you interested in hearing about other adoption success stories? Check out this powerful review from Ella about her Mustang, Percy. 

Percy, the Mustang

“Challenging, but very rewarding. That’s how I would describe the last year with my boy. Percy was born in the BLM and stayed there for over seven years! This last year and a half, he has shown the adaptability of a mustang from training to trail rides, and he has done an amazing job.  Major shout out to Cayla Stone for getting him started and helping me so much on my journey with him.”

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