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If you’ve ever researched wild horses, you know that there’s a surprising amount of horses in need of a loving home. Due to the massive over-population of these beautiful animals on BLM, there’s no shortage of Mustangs that need to be rehomed in the private sector. While there are many excellent adoption programs managed by the BLM and the Mustang Heritage Foundation, many more horses still need our help in getting the quality love and care they deserve with a new owner. That’s where Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group comes into play. Keep reading to learn more about why you should consider adopting from our wild horse advocacy Colorado based organization. 

Reasons why you should consider adopting from our wild horse advocacy Colorado based organization 

  1. Mustangs make great companions 

When it comes to adopting wild horses, there are many misconceptions surrounding whether Mustangs make good companions. While many new horse owners typically shy away from adopting Mustangs, we think that Mustangs make some of the best companions, even for new horse owners. When you adopt from us, you will receive a horse with at least four to six months of training, making them suitable for anyone from first-time to seasoned horse owners. 

  1. You are helping a horse in need 

Due to the large overpopulation of wild Mustangs mentioned earlier, many horses need a loving home. Without a private owner, many of these horses are hungry, with the lack of food found in the wild, making it hard for them to survive. By getting adopted, these horses can live a long, healthy life, complete with the camaraderie of working with humans. 

  1. Mustangs are incredibly receptive to training 

Another advantage of adopting a wild Mustang is the exceptional intelligence that makes them more receptive to training. Before coming to our facilities, many of the Mustangs we train have had little to no interaction with humans, forcing them to learn quickly to survive in the wilderness. This same intelligence they used in the wild to survive also makes them great learners when in training. Most Mustangs catch onto training well and only need around six months of training before they are ready to be adopted. 

While these are just a few of the many reasons you should consider working with our wild horse advocacy Colorado based organization, we can’t wait to tell you more! If you are interested in adopting a wild Mustang, read the adoption policy here, and complete the application to be considered. At Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group, we look forward to helping you get the Mustang you’ve always wanted and giving these beautiful animals the chance to find their forever home. 

Check out this fantastic review from Alyssa about her adoption of Amora. 


“I adopted “Rosie,” now known as Amora, from Wild Rose in January of this year. I hadn’t begun to “shop” for another horse after I lost my best friend in 2017. My decision to adopt a mustang will forever be my favorite in this life. I am so excited to see where our partnership takes us, what our future holds, and the many memories and adventures to come!”

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