Youth Trainers In Action!

Learn how youth from Northern Colorado get in on the training Action!

One of our commitments to the community is to provide education opportunities. Through our
youth programming, we are working one-on-one with the next generation of horse trainers. This
is a unique program where best practices in natural horsemanship are taught. The
transformation for both the horse and the trainer is remarkable. Each horse learns to trust
people and each trainer gains confidence in their skills and within themselves.
In 2020, Wild Rose sponsored two youth trainers to participate in the Mustang Heritage
Foundation Trainer Incentive Program; Leslie Townsend and her horse Winslow and Paige.

Tibbetts and her horse Payson participated virtually and won first and second place awards!
Both Winslow and Payson were adopted to new homes!

In 2021, Wild Rose sponsored 4 youth and their horses: Ellie Bruckert and Khonsu, Leslie
Townsend and Annie , Paige Tibbets and Raleigh, and Riley Kenline and Dynamo. Paige and her
horse finished in first place for the competition! Riley adopted Dynamo and both Annie and Raleigh
were adopted into their forever homes.

In 2022, we had four youth training two mustangs for the Meeker Mustang Makeover
Competition. Ellie Bruckert and Lynne Townsend are training Willow and Leslie Townsend
has paired with Kamyah Morrisette to train Juneau. Willow was adopted at the event and Juneau was later adopted by previous Wild Rose adoptees and is now happily riding on the trails with her family .

2022 Meeker Mustang Makeover Youth Tip Challenge

In 2022, we had 4 youth trainers attend the Meeker Mustang Makeover! The Youth Trainers spent the summer working with the Wild Rose Trainers and their two young Mustangs, learning a ton while preparing their horses for a successful domestic life! The competition was a blast and all 4 trainers represented Wild Rose wonderfully! 

Stay tuned for information on another Youth Event in 2024 with our rescued reservation youngsters! 

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2020 Meeker Mustang Makeover Youth Tip Challenge

With the help of Taft Hill Acres, Wild Rose sponsored THREE horses in the 2020 Colorado TIP challenge. All three horses were from Nevada and were set to compete in the challenge at the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary in September.  Winslow and Payson were yearlings being trained by YOUTH TRAINERS! This was our first year being able to support youth in our community and we are ecstatic to be able to help these trainers learn and grow in their experience with Mustangs! We are happy to say all 3 mustangs found their forever homes after the competition. 

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