Christine And CalLie

“We have built a deep connection and trust while enjoying the incredible intelligence and beauty of the mustang. I am looking forward to a life of wonderful adventures together!”

calli and Christine Wild Rose Magic Mustang

Sally Reiker and Diamond

“Diamond is gentle and has a heart of gold, and has taught me more about horsemanship than any other horse I have owned. He is the constant in my life I never knew I needed!”

Ellie And Bellenos

“Bellenos is the best friend I could ever have. He is goofy, kind, and has a big personality. I can’t imagine my life without him and I’m so lucky that he’s mine. He is the best horse in the world and I love him.”

bellenos and Ellie Wild Rose Magic Mustang

Ella and Percy

“Challenging, but very rewarding. That’s how I would describe the last year with my boy. Percy was born in the BLM and stayed there for over 7 years! This last year and a half he has shown the adaptability of a mustang from training to trail rides and he has done an amazing job.  Major shout out to Cayla Stone for getting him started and helping me so much on my journey with him.”

Andi and Bravo

“When I started riding at age 30, I felt like a real latecomer to the horse world. I never thought that 2.5 years later I would have a horse of my own, much less a Mustang! Because Bravo had almost a year of training when I started riding him, adopting a Mustang wasn’t such a daunting task. I am exactly the kind of rider who benefits from the kind of work that Wild Rose is doing – without the solid base training he received, I never would have taken the plunge!  We continue to learn a lot from each other and make a great pair. Owning Bravo has been a challenging and character-building experience, but also one of the most positive and rewarding life decisions I have ever made.”


“I do not think I am capable of fully articulating how completely enamored I am with my mustang.  I bought her in October 2017 when she had been under saddle for only a few months, and by the following summer, we were competing in recognized events. As someone who has only been in the horse world for less than four years, I was somewhat daunted by my decision to buy a green, formally-feral horse. However, being a creature selectively bred by nature to thrive under harsh circumstance, Leda quickly proved herself to be smart, determined, and sure-footed; traits which made our journey together much smoother than I had imagined. The mustang horses are a truly special bunch, and the bonds you can form with them are like none other.”

maddie 1


“Snickers was a 2013 West Douglas Colorado Mustang that I adopted in 2016. I spent time to build trust and a relationship with him, and it was beyond worth it. He is the most incredible companion and partner with such a goofy, fun attitude. He has shown me how amazing these mustangs can be, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world! Love this boy to pieces! I can’t wait for our future adventures.”


“It’s been wonderful working with Cayla over the past year and a half getting our, now 4 and a half year old, mustang, Sedona, polished for my 12 year old daughter, and, equally important, her skills ready for him. Their partnership is developing beautifully and showing every sign of being lifelong. We’ve been working on fine tuning his movements, getting him more readily responsive, and collection. Cayla’s skills with mustangs are unparalleled, and passion infectious.”

beatrice 1


“I started taking riding lessons as a kid and never really stopped. It led into leasing and taking on ponies, Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds. After I began training with Cayla in 2016 as a 22-year-old, I knew it was only a matter of time before I adopted one of her amazing mustangs. Freya peaked my interest after I heard how much she enjoyed jumping. I knew mustangs could be great for any discipline, but it was also important for me to find one that enjoyed the same thing I did: Eventing. I also wanted a horse that had energy, but not too much go, and the confidence to be without other horses. I learned from Cayla that Freya had been challenging to start, and was slow to approve of humans. But with Cayla’s careful training, Freya came around and showed the world and myself just how amazing she was and how much she loved to jump. Her personality was completely endearing as well, part grumpy-eeyore, part treat-beggar. And so I brought her home. I am so looking forward to our future together as a team, and with Cayla’s continued guidance, we’re sure to do well and have lots of fun!”

Dani and Cello

“Cayla did a fantastic job with my mustang. I can’t wait for her to work with him again. I was a bit afraid to tell her I wanted to jump him (he was so skeptical of man-made objects that I wasn’t sure we would ever get there). Cayla was kind, patient, and wonderful with Cello. I couldn’t believe it when she sent me jumping pictures! At the end of our month of training we rode in a terrain clinic at Vicki Bakers. When we returned home, my horse was happier than he’s ever been. The calmer, happier vibe with my horse means the world.”


“When I first got LaBello, I never imagined that my journey with her would be this amazing. When we first got her at the age of one, she was as wild as wild could be. After we had her halter broken I was able to train her to do halter classes which she excelled in.  In the years before we had her trained by Cayla Stone, our bond became extremely strong. She would follow me everywhere and she could trust me with almost anything. Getting LaBello trained by Cayla was amazing. She learned very quickly and most importantly she was trained the right way. When LaBello came home, I started to do shows with her. In one show series she won high point for the year. Currently we are training her to be able to show in CHJA Ponies. I hope that our bond will grow stronger in the years to come.”


“I adopted ‘Rosie’, now know as Amora, from Wild Rose in January of this year. I hadn’t begun to “shop” for another horse after I lost my best friend in 2017. My vet sent me a video of Amora, I immediately cried. Something in my heart told me I needed to go meet her. Upon meeting Cayla and Amora, I fell instantly in love with the way she was trained, the trust she had and the personality shinning through. Cayla started her training and the foundation she instilled in Amora is so solid, it was the easiest decision to make to adopt her. Since then, we have been dodging weather, acclimating to the new home, building an indestructible bond, and learning each others personalities, she is everything I ever needed to bring me back to life. My decision to adopt a mustang, will forever be my favorite in this life. I am so excited to see where our partnership takes us, what our future holds and the many memories and adventures to come!”

Teri, Wolfie and Sparkle

“These two mustangs absolutely changed my life and future just over a year ago. I went from wanting to save/adopt a wild mustang to adopting two formerly wild mustangs as trail horses. As I got educated on how these horses had been trained I was absolutely amazed and awestruck. I am now learning everything I can about this positive reinforcement training method, my confidence is building and I now want to jump and school and trail ride. I have owned horses for over 50 years and I have never bonded so tightly with a domestic horse as I have with these two mustangs. ‘The future’s so bright…I gotta wear shades.’”

Sparkle and Wolfie 1

Lynn and Atlas

“My marshmallow made of butterflies was a challenge to ride at first. But, now we have such a strong bond that he does what I think before I can ask.”

atlas Wild Rose Magic Mustang