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BLM Mustang Horse for Sale

To protect wild horses, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) created the Wild Horse and Burro Program to ensure that Mustangs could remain “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West.” While the program was a step in the right direction for these BLM horses, unfortunately, the population skyrocketed, leaving many horses without the adequate food supply they needed to live healthy and happy lives in the wild. Organizations like Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group exist to help facilitate BLM Mustang adoption for the surplus of rescue horses needing a loving home. If you’ve been searching for a “BLM Mustang horse for sale,” you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn the top four reasons you should consider adopting Mustang. 

BLM Mustang horse for sale: top four reasons why to adopt

  1. You’ll help save a horse’s life

With almost 80,000 wild Mustangs living on BLM land and an ideal capacity of 27,000, many horses need to find their forever homes. BLM mustang adoption is one of the best ways to ensure these amazing animals live their lives to the fullest in private residences. The number of wild horses could be dramatically reduced if more people were willing to consider looking for “a BLM Mustang adoption near” me instead of a domesticated horse. When you adopt, you very well could be saving that horse’s life!

  1. You’ll get an intelligent animal 

At Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group, all of our Mustangs undergo a minimum four to six-month training program to acclimate the horses to humans. These intelligent horses can often learn commands quickly despite being wild for most of their lives. In addition to their intelligence, BLM wild horses also have hard hooves built to withstand harsh weather and a robust immune system that keeps them in great shape throughout their lives. 

  1. Adopting helps us save more horses 

Another reason to consider BLM Mustang adoption is that by saving one horse, you will pave the way for more horses to go through our organization. While we’d love to be able to help every wild Mustang in need, our facilities are limited in the number of horses that we can take care of at any given point. Once a rescue horse is sold, we can bring more wild horses and get them to new loving owners. 

  1. You’ll gain a new best friend 

There’s an old saying that dogs are a man’s best friend, but have you ever met a wild Mustang? Owning a horse is psychologically and emotionally beneficial to new owners. Caring for a wild horse can help you connect more with nature and gain a best friend. What could be better than that?

Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group aims to help change the story of American Mustangs in the West by providing professional saddle training and increasing the adoption of these beautiful horses. We’d love to help you end your search for a “BLM Mustang horse for sale” and start enjoying your new companion. If you are interested in a Mustang adoption, check out our adoption policy here and fill out an application if you would like to continue the process. All completed applications can be sent to ruth@wildrosemagic.org

Consider checking out this 5-star review from Oliva about her new horse Leda. 

Olivia and Leda
Olivia and Leda

“As someone who has only been in the horse world for less than four years, I was somewhat daunted by my decision to buy a green, formally-feral horse. However, being a creature selectively bred by nature to thrive under harsh circumstances, Leda quickly proved herself to be smart, determined, and sure-footed, traits that made our journey together much smoother than I had imagined. The mustang horses are a truly special bunch, and the bonds you can form with them are like none other.”

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