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How to Adopt a Mustang

American Mustangs have played an essential role in embodying the pioneer spirit of the West, but due to overpopulation, many of these horses are searching for their forever homes. Despite having little interaction with humans on BLM lands, where many live out their lives, these horses are brilliant, trainable, and grow a close bond with humans once exposed. A Mustang can be a great place to start if you’ve ever considered adopting a horse. Keep reading to learn how to adopt a Mustang from Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group. We can’t wait to help you get started. 

How to adopt a Mustang from Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group 

  1. Read our adoption policy 

If you’ve decided that you’d like to consider working with us to adopt one of our horses, the first step you need to take is to read our adoption policy. While we’d love for everyone that comes to us to get their very own Mustang, we want to ensure the horses go to homes that can adequately care for them throughout their lives. By reading our adoption policy, you can decide if you want to pursue working with us to adopt your horse and have a better idea of what to expect throughout the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions during the process.  

  1. Fill out our adoption application 

If you are ready to move on with working with our organization, the next step in the adoption process is to fill out a Mustang adoption application. We require anyone applying to be 18 years of age or older to adopt, and all potential adopters must be able to provide us with references that can vouch for them. We want to ensure our horses get placed with the best homes, so only those meeting these criteria will be chosen as new horse parents. We know this is an exciting time, but please be patient as you wait to hear back from us. 

  1. Selection and adoption 

After you have finished your application, we will contact you if you would make a great horse parent! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, and it’s time to take your new horse home. Since most of these horses have only recently started to trust humans, continue to work with your horse and be patient as they bond with you. We can’t wait to see all your adventures with your new friend. 

If you still have questions about how to adopt a Mustang, please contact us at We look forward to connecting you with your new best friend!

Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group is located in Wellington, CO. Our Non Profit aims to help change the story of American Mustangs in the West by providing professional saddle training and increasing the adoption of these beautiful horses. If you are interested in a Mustang adoption, check out our adoption policy here and fill out an application if you would like to continue the process. 

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Check out this success story about Andi and Bravo. 

andi bravo
Andi and Bravo

“When I started riding at age 30, I felt like a real latecomer to the horse world. I never thought that 2.5 years later, I would have a horse of my own, much less a Mustang! Because Bravo had almost a year of training when I started riding him, adopting a Mustang wasn’t such a daunting task. I am exactly the kind of rider who benefits from Wild Rose’s work – without the solid base training he received. I would never have taken the plunge!  We continue to learn a lot from each other and make great pair. Owning Bravo has been a challenging and character-building experience, but also one of the most positive and rewarding life decisions I have ever made.”

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