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Owning a horse is one of the most rewarding experiences for someone that loves animals. When you adopt a horse, the experience of horse ownership is even better since you are helping a horse in need find its perfect match. If you are considering horse adoption, Colorado is a great place to find the right horse for your situation. With close to 52,000 horses needing to be removed from the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) protected lands, there’s no better time to get started when looking for a horse rescue near Denver, CO. Located in Fort Collins, Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group is proud to be an organization that supports getting BLM horses adopted. Keep reading to learn more about why adoption is critical for saving these beautiful horses. 

Horse adoption Colorado: why adoption is the best option for getting a horse  

  1. You become part of a bigger community 

BLM Mustang adoption is more than just rescuing a horse. It’s about growing with a like-minded community of animal lovers. When you adopt a horse, you enter a community of other adopters that have gone through a similar experience as you did when adopting your horse. For first-time horse owners especially, this can be a great time to connect with other adopters to get helpful tips to deepen the relationship between you and your horse. 

  1. You get a lifelong companion 

While most wild horses have not had previous interactions with humans before being trained through our organization, they can still make great companions for humans. The bond between horse and owner is strong if you work hard to establish a connection between you and your rescue horse. Whether learning to ride on the trails with your new best friend or competing in shows, adopting a wild Mustang can be a great way to have an experience like no other. 

  1. You get paired with the right rescue horse 

When you adopt a horse from Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group, you get the opportunity to be matched with the best horse for your situation. As each adoptee has to fill out an application form, we can help match you with a horse you are compatible with from the beginning of the process. While we can’t guarantee that every applicant will be able to adopt, we hope to place rescue horses with all eligible adopters. 

Ready to end your search for “horse adoption Colorado?” Consider filling out an application form to adopt with Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group. We hope to see your application soon!

Check out this 5-star review from Maddie about her adoption experience for her horse Snickers. 

Maddie and Snickers
Maddie and Snickers

“Snickers was a 2013 West Douglas Colorado Mustang that I adopted in 2016. I spent time building trust and a relationship with him, which was beyond worth it. He is the most incredible companion and partner with a goofy, fun attitude. He has shown me how amazing these mustangs can be, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world! I love this boy to pieces! I can’t wait for our future adventures.”

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