Mustangs In Training


Gender: Gelding | Height: 13hh | Birth Year: 2020 | Origin: (Coming Soon) | Status: In Training

Sam came with WR mustang Frodo from auction on November 2022. This sweet 3 year old pony is very willing and loves to find new answers and explore new obstacles. He is currently attending school at Colorado State University with the CSU Right Horse Program and will be available for adoption May 2023.



Gender: Mare | Height: 15.1hh | Birth Year: 2013 | Origin: Sand Wash Basin, CO | Status: In Training

This pretty girl has started coming out of her shell over the last month. She is shy but willing. She is a great size and is a beautiful mover. Now that she is trusting us more, her gentling process is likely to move quickly. She will be available for adoption soon!



Gender: Mare | Height: 14.2hh | Birth Year: 2017 | Origin: Nevada | Status: In Training

(Coming Soon)

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Gender: Gelding | Height: 14.2hh | Birth Year: 2020 | Origin: Utah HMA | Status: In Training

Khonsu is a uniquely colored gelding who still has some growing to do. He is quite sensitive and will require an experienced adopter. He participated in the Mustang Heritage Foundation 2021 TIP Challenge with his handler and youth trainer, Ellie Bruckert. Ellie spent countless hours with him and they were able to compete in all three portions of the competition. She understood his need to go slow and they learned to trust each other.

He will be a larger horse, and is a very flashy mover with potential to go in any direction! He is available for adoption.

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Gender: Gelding | Height: 14hh | Birth Year: 2021 | Origin: (Coming Soon) | Status: In Training

(Coming Soon)



Gender: Gelding | Height: 15.2hh | Birth Year: 2010 | Origin: Born in holding | Status: In Training

What can we say about this gorgeous horse? He is tall and a gorgeous mover and he LOVES treats, but we have had Zephyr in our care since the Fall of 2018 and it has been decided that he deserves a permanent
home. He has been on pasture for over a year now and our goal is to find a Sanctuary for him or a private home with an experienced handler who enjoys liberty work. Please contact us if you know of a Sanctuary or have interest in adopting him.

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Gender: Gelding | Height: 14.3hh | Birth Year: 2020 | Origin: Sand Wash Basin | Status: In Training

(Coming Soon)

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Gender: Gelding | Height: 14.3hh | Birth Year: 2020 | Origin: Sand Wash Basin | Status: In Training

(Coming Soon)

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Mustang Spotlight

Last year Wild Rose, with the help of Taft Hill Acres, sponsored THREE horses in the 2020 Colorado TIP challenge. All three horses were from Nevada and were set to compete in the challenge at the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary in September.  Winslow and Payson were yearlings being trained by YOUTH TRAINERS! This was our first year being able to support youth in our community and we are ecstatic to be able to help these trainers learn and grow in their experience with Mustangs! We are happy to say all 3 mustangs found their forever homes after the competition.

Mustang Yearlings