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Mustang Horses for Sale in Colorado

Have you ever dreamed of owning a wild Mustang but don’t know where to start? At Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group, we help make adopting a Mustang not only a possibility but our mission. If you’ve been searching for Mustang horses for sale in Colorado to make your dream a reality, there’s no better time than now. We currently have over 10 Mustangs in training for adoption. More than 20 horses have been given a chance to build an incredible partnership with their new owners after being adopted from our organization. Keep reading to discover how you can start the adoption process with us today. 

How to adopt Mustang horses for sale in Colorado with Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group 

  1. Read our adoption policy 

We understand that adopting a Mustang can be a life-changing experience for both horse and adopter, so we want to ensure that all our horses go to the best home possible. If you are looking to begin the process, the first step is looking at our adoption policy. Our adoption policy covers everything from adoption fees to references, so don’t forget to review everything in this form before beginning our adoption application.

  1. Fill out the adoption application 

After you’ve thoroughly read through our adoption policy, it’s time for the moment that you’ve been waiting for, filling out our adoption application. This is your chance to let us know more about you and why you are interested in adopting a Mustang from our organization. Adopters must be at least 18 years old, and all references will be checked before approval. While we would love for every applicant to get their very own Mustang, only those that we deem suitable will be accepted. Don’t forget to email all completed applications to ruth@wildrosemagic.org

  1. Bring your new Mustang home 

We love this part of the process since our horse has finally found its forever home. Mustangs can make great companions despite their wild upbringing. Each of our Mustangs receives adequate training before becoming adoptable, so you can rest assured that your horse will be ready for its new home once you are approved. All adopters must provide complete care for their horses after the adoption process is complete. 

Wild Rose Mustang Advocacy Group is located in Wellington, CO. It aims to help change the story of American Mustangs in the West by providing professional saddle training and increasing the adoption of these beautiful horses. We’d love to help you end your search for “Mustang horses for sale in Colorado” and start enjoying your new companion. If you are interested in a Mustang adoption, check out our adoption policy here and fill out an application if you would like to continue the process. All completed applications can be sent to ruth@wildrosemagic.org

While you wait for your application to be processed, check out this success story from Ella and her horse Percy. 

MeettheMustangsPercy 1 - Mustang Horses for Sale in Colorado

“Challenging, but very rewarding. That’s how I would describe the last year with my boy. Percy was born in the BLM and stayed there for over 7 years! This last year and a half, he has shown the adaptability of a mustang from training to trail rides, and he has done an amazing job.  Major shout out to Cayla Stone for getting him started and helping me so much on my journey with him.”
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