Ruth Rose

Ruth and Freya

Ruth Rose is a veterinary surgical oncologist working at Colorado State University. Prior to her surgical training, Ruth studied conservation medicine and animal behavior. While in veterinary school, she helped identify matriarchal groups of elephants at a prospective study site in Kenya for a PZP population control investigation. PZP is the same medication given to help control some populations of wild horses.

Ruth has always been enamored with horses and started taking riding lessons with Cayla in order to re-build her confidence with horses that had been lost over so many years away from them. Upon becoming educated about the plight of the wild horses on the range and in captivity, Ruth became motivated to help bridge the gap between gentled Mustangs and saddle trained Mustangs. With Cayla, Ruth founded Wild Rose MAGIC.  

Ruth lives in Fort Collins with her two children, three dogs, and one cat with a Mustang to be added soon.